Grvti grounds us

Grvti is an attempt to bring movement back into our lives, re-engage our primal instincts and get us out of our 8 hours desk job.

About me

8:00. My wife’s alarm clock rings. We wake up together, do our regular morning routine while still half-asleep – brushing our teeth, dressing up, putting on shoes. Then we drive down to work together using the exact same road we have been taking for the last 4 years.

9:00. Arrived at work. Dock the laptop in the docking station on my desk. Go and grab cereal, milk and a glass of water for breakfast. Read emails, attend some meetings and express how excited I am for the upcoming projects.

11:30. Go for an hour’s yoga. People say that keeping fit is important.

`13:30. Grab some lunch on my way back from yoga class. Read more emails and attend more meetings.

18:00. Go to the garage and drive back home.

17:00. Big discussion with wife on what to eat, then cook and eat while watching some series on Netflix.

23:30. Go to bed. Read BBC on mobile before falling asleep.

…and the whole thing repeats again the next day …and the day after …and the day after …

This has been my life for as much back as I could remember. Never complained as my job paid me well to be able to afford fantastic holidays in summers and skiing in winters. But there always a void somewhere

I have been doing a decently paid job for a little more than 9 years now. Somehow I always knew this isn’t the one. It took a lot of convincing and effort for me to get out of my comfort zone and take a huge leap of faith, but I do not regret it.

Class Schedule


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